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February 2014 Additions on Hill Connections

We invite you to check out our newest additions:

  • Perspectives on Social Issues: February 2014 — 1) Corruption, a Theft from the Poor 2) Bread for the World Leading Call for Reform in U.S. Food Aid 3) Reclaiming the Sacredness of Farming in India 4) Peacemaking Bishop Stresses Catholic Mission to Reduce Anger Among People 5) Electric Cars Can Work for Many More than Frequently Reported
  • Taking Time to Listen — A Spirituality and Art piece featuring a quotation, photo, and painting that invite reflection on the many ways that God speaks to us
All of these and more are available via links in the attached file, on the web, and in the "New" section on our home page: <>.
Give an extra hug to those you love in this month of Valentine's Day,
~ Maggie and Mary Pat

Hill Connections Feb 2014