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posted Aug 20, 2015, 10:33 AM by Vidal Martinez

Every religious Order of the Church has a charism or spirit that is particular to that community. A charism is an Order’s response to the action of God by the community. The charism of the Servants of Mary is lived through three elements: fraternity, Mary, and service. 

 Servites understand fraternity as an invitation to see the values of community living as being together as brothers. From within the confines of our fraternity we experience the presence of Jesus through the lives of those brothers whose lives we share. The individual experience of Jesus by each friar helps the entire community realize the presence of Jesus operative in the life of the community. From the communal experience of the presence of Jesus, the friars go forth into society and the world to share this same presence of Jesus with those to whom they minister. Servites attempt to build community where they live and work by witnessing attitudes of peace, justice and compassion within their ministry. 

The person of the Mother of God has a very special place in the lives of Servites. Mary challenges us to develop attitudes of welcome to the Lord who calls us to respond to His invitation to holiness as Mary did “I am the servant of the Lord.” The Servite devotion to Mary further challenges us to stand near the crosses of those persons who are neglected or rejected by our society: the poor, the abandoned, and the sick. We stand at these crosses as Mary did, with a sense of hope believing in God’s promise that He will take care of those who find life burdensome and are alone.

  Service to others, especially to the poor and the sick whom the Lord calls most blessed in the Kingdom, is our response to the Lord’s invitation as co-creators and citizens of the Kingdom of God. Servites serve so as to bring about the presence of God’s kingdom here on earth. The Servite Charism is our particular way of living out the Gospel command to love on a daily basis.