People of Oso, Washington

posted Mar 25, 2014, 9:58 AM by Theresa Orozco
Dear Servites,

Let us remember in our prayers the people of Oso, Washington, who have died, are missing or have suffered much as a result of the mudslide that occurred on Saturday, March 22, 2014. At least 14 people have died with dozens more missing. It is now a town and a community full of pain.

We pray for all those who have suffered loss at this time. We have a community of the Servite Secular Order in Port Townsend, Washington: Our Lady of Sorrows and Hope Community. We have heard from the Prioress, Anna McEnery,OSSM and the Assistant, Fr. John Topel,SJ, and are happy to know that Port Townsend is not near the scene of the mudslide. 

There is a sister of the Servite Secular Institute Regnum Mariae, Daisy Fragante, who lives closer to the scene of the mudslide, near Seattle. We await some contact from her to know that she and her family have not suffered any loss. 

Let us pray for all those who have died, those that are still missing, and for all others who have suffered loss and are affected by this tragedy. May the Lord hear our prayer. May the Mother of Sorrows and Hope intercede for the people of Washington State.

If you wish to express your prayerful support, please send your email to: Anna McEnery,OSSM, Prioress:

Fr. Vidal Martínez,OSM
OSSM National Assistant