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Louis & Doris Muench,OSSM

posted Sep 24, 2014, 2:54 PM by Sandy McGill
Dear Servites, 

Your prayers are requested for our sister and brother, Louis & Doris Muench,OSSM, St. Peregrine Community, Rice Lake, Wisconsin. Louie writes:  

On thursday afternoon Doris and I were traveling North on South Main in Rice Lake when a guy pulled out of Farm and Fleet and smashed into the front side of our car pushed us into the other lane and exploded the air bags sending us to the Hospital with cracked ribs and bruised sternum. We are both home but in a lot of pain. Happy 61st Anniversary. Thank God it could have been worse. 

Let us remember Louie and Doris in our prayers and wish them prompt healing from their bruises, cracked ribs and to be free of pain. May the Lord hear our prayer! May our Sorrowful Mother and St. Peregrine intercede for Louie & Doris. 

Please send your prayers and words of encouragement to:

Fr. Vidal Martínez,OSM
OSSM National Assistant