Reflection - May 2016

posted Aug 24, 2016, 6:49 PM by theresa orozco, ossm   [ updated Aug 24, 2016, 8:24 PM ]

Every once in awhile I pause on my precarious perch of an overly-engaged life and dream wistfully of what it would be like to be "retired." Then I notice that people who claim to be retired often lead lives overflowing with greater motion than mine. Most of us wish for a quieter existence, one with a switch to eliminate our "rush and push" schedules. (Wouldn't it be sweet to have a few days without social media or a glut of political news?) On the other hand, there exist a handful of folks whose days move at a dead-sea pace. They have the opposite difficulty and yearn for more activity.

It is to the swamped, trying-to-get-it-all-done people that I send a message this month. It comes from Prayers to Sophia ("Sophia" being the Greek name for "wisdom.") I wrote this prayer years ago but it could have been yesterday. I continue to long for that imagined balance between action and contemplation. The good news is that God remains present no matter how slow or fast we travel.

"Desire for Spiritual Growth," byJoyce Rupp

Gift of Mercy and Understanding, all my good intentions for spiritual growth go sliding down the gutter of responsibilities.
All my hopes of deepening prayer get splintered and broken in the chaos of busyness.
All my desires to have a quiet haven are swallowed by the jaws of my calendar.
All my resolutions to rise earlier, to pray longer,are lost in the blankets of an extra hour of sleep.
And all the while I fuss and fume about this, you look at me and smile.
Are you sending the message that spiritual growth can happen among the very things that seem to keep me from you?
Are you assuring me that my desire to grow is not lost to you?
Abundant peace,
Joyce Rup