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Reflection - December 2016

posted Feb 13, 2017, 3:39 PM by Nancy DeBiasi

Image result for images of Christmas Hope   "What Are You Asking for This Christmas?"  by Joyce Rupp

Instead of focusing on material presents, let us request from the Heart of the Holy what most strengthens our souls and enlivens our love. \

This Christmas I ask for: 

Hope, the north star in my soul, that it may always point me toward the Light of the World. 

Stillness, to sweep through my restless mind, emptying it of the cluttered debris and floating negativity. 

Non-violence, that every thought, word, deed and desire, low gently from me like a brook caressing unmovable stones. 

Savoringto remember with gratefulness, moments of beauty and people's goodwill that prompted gladness. 

Other-Centerednessfor the tightly held part of self, that ignores, denies or refuses to respond to the plight of others. 

Laughter, to retain the sprightly dance of joy, amid the endless duties, preparations, chores, and responsibilities. 

Perspective, for an inner vision that views, each difficult person or situation through the wide lens of kindness. 

Solace, to recognize, welcome and embrace, what yearns for attention and comfort in the sanctuary of my soul. 

Surprise, so the celebration of Christmas rekindles awe and gratitude,for the Source of All Love, and influences how I live.

May you receive enriching and fruitful gifts this Christmas.

Abundant peace,

Joyce Rupp