Reflection - July 2017

posted Aug 10, 2017, 7:33 PM by Nancy DeBiasi

Here in the USA we are in the midst of summer. It's a warm, engaging season where people naturally congregate on soccer fields, at farmers' markets, picnics, weddings and all sorts of get-togethers. The long days of light seem to naturally lift spirits and send more dance into our steps. Lately, I have been mindful of the magnificent gift we have in sunlight. While too much of it can burn and sizzle, we cannot survive without this brilliant star's amazing gift of photosynthesis - the marvel of plants and other organisms transforming sunlight into life-giving energy. No wonder Jesus, the great transformer of hearts, called himself "the Light" and also told his followers that they, too, were light-filled beings. The next time you see sunlight brightening up the world around you pause and give thanks.. and remember you also have a transforming Light within you.

The following is a selection from my book,The Cosmic Dance.  (published by Orbis Books)   I hope it will draw you toward wonder and gratitude for the marvelous gift of sunlight.

In Praise of Wondrous Sun 

Sun! Fire from afar, unfailing source of radiance!  Your beams of bright light gift our planet with verve.

Juicy shoots of seeds rise up from their dormant death. Fresh leaves uncurl, sipping in the dewdrops of dawn.

Forests open their arms to your shining shafts of light and the winding ivy on trees blushes with your beauty.

Deserts sing with their hidden cache of flowering plants, while your unabated beams dance in transparent design.

Your warmth dispels the darkness of the long winter. Layers of ice melt and the frozen land thaws.

Human bodies are healed and dooming depressions lifted by the purifying and nurturing rays of your light.

Clouds form patterns of brilliant color in early morning. Shadows take shape in the heart of deep mountain valleys.

Faces of rocks and minerals sparkle with revelation. Bird feathers shine with illuminating rays of your gold

and winding rivers glimmer with your reflected grandeur. O radiant star! Source of nurturance, warmth, beauty!

Today I celebrate what you do for our life-filled planet as it dances 'round you, hour by hour, day after day,

sailing the cycle of life, season after season, year after year, imbibing your shining rays with greening gusto. 

Shine on, oh fire from afar, shine on!

Abundant peace, 

Joyce Rupp