Reflection - February 2017

posted Nov 16, 2016, 1:54 AM by Nancy DeBiasi   [ updated Feb 13, 2017, 3:10 PM ]

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A spiritual life is simply a life in which
all that we do comes from the center,
where we are all anchored in God; 
a life soaked through and through 
by a sense of God's reality and claim,
and self-given to the great movement of God's will. 

~ Evelyn Underhill 

The above quote from the English writer and mystic rests at the opening of my 2017 journal. Her wise description of the "spiritual life" (written more than eighty years ago) inspires me to be "anchored in God" at this particular time in history. So much in politics and social media threatens to throw me off balance with its disturbing ferocity. I recognize how easily I can be set adrift internally. Without a strong anchor of daily prayer to keep my views and values in proper place I am carried along like an untethered boat in the swift current of ranting and outrage. Being anchored in the Holy One's peace keeps my inner boat steady and lessens an urge to add to the volatility. 

A Prayer of Anchoring 

I turn to you, Holy One, in this time of turmoil amid the waters of life and I pray: 

Anchor my mind in your unswerving serenity 
that lies beneath the wild waves of my discontent.
Anchor every heartbeat and breath of mine 
in the wide ocean of your endless compassion. 
Anchor ongoing longings for world peace 
in the stream of your eternal harmony. 
Anchor a respect for every human being 
in the clear waters of your non-judgment. 
Anchor in the steady undercurrent of your justice 
each choice to end unbearable injustice.
Anchor deeply in your merciful forgiveness 
any inner surges toward retaliation and revenge.
Anchor the best of my talents and abilities 
to serve generously in the reservoir of your grace. 
Anchor in the depths of your divine wisdom 
my questions and concerns about the future. 
Anchor every storm that riles my heart 
in the gracious tranquility of your abiding love. 

"Experience tells us that we can only love because we are born out of love, that we can only give because our life is a gift, and that we can only make others free because we are set free by the One whose heart is greater than ours. When we have found the anchor places for our lives in our own center, we can be free to let others enter into the space created for them and allow them to dance their own dance, sing their own song and speak their own language without fear." 

(The Wounded Healer, Henri J.M. Nouwen) 

I hope you will join with me to daily anchor your life in the Holy One, whose love steadies us as we endeavor to be a compassionate presence in our world. 

Abundant peace, 

Joyce Rupp